About us

About us


Glassolutions is part of Saint-Gobain Building Glass UK&I – the largest processor, distributor, installer and repairer of glass and glazing systems in the UK.

With a British heritage stretching back 150 years and the glass industry’s most active new product development programme, we are constantly working to improve established glass and glazing products, while at the same time delivering genuine innovations that enable architects and designers to rethink how they use glass.

In the UK, GLASSOLUTIONS is a £120 million turnover business with 1100 employees operating from 22 locations. This enables us to provide nationwide coverage stretching from Aberdeen in the north to the Isle of Wight in the south.

Our unique capabilities span the entire glass and glazing supply chain. This gives us unrivalled scope to shape products and services sustainably with the focus on optimising the whole-life cycle of components and buildings.

Processing & Supply

Exterior Glass | Glassolutions Processing & Supply   

Specialists in domestic, commercial IGU manufacture & toughening

From our four IGU manufacturing plants and two toughening plants, we offer an extensive range of exterior glazing solutions.

Distribution | Glassolutions Processing & Supply

Our network of local GLASSOLUTIONS branches

Our distribution business unit is a network of GLASSOLUTIONS branches across the UK where customers can configure and order GLASSOLUTIONS products.

Facade Design & Supply | Glassolutions Processing & Supply

Specialists in the design and supply of large commercial facades & specialist glass solutions

Our Facade Design and Supply division specifies, designs and supplies specialist architectural and structural glass for commercial façades, alongside specialist glass products for both high end domestic and commercial applications.


In the UK, the GLASSOLUTIONS Installation business stream specialises in the installation, repair and refurbishment of commercial building facades, and replacement and repair of domestic windows, doors and locks.

We partner with main contractors, leading insurers, facilities managers  and property owners to provide a complete ‘glazing’ building life cycle solution.



Contracting | Glassolutions Installation   

Glassolutions Contracting is a national glazing and building facade contractor, providing exceptional service and technical support.

The building envelope – of which glazed facades play a fundamental part – will play one of the most important roles in a building’s life cycle. Through our innovative products and expert specification guidance, we deliver technically excellent and aesthetically beautiful designs to reflect any architectural vision.

Commercial Glazing | Glassolutions Installation

Glassolutions Commercial Glazing provides a nationwide service to the public and private sectors to install, repair and maintain glazing systems and products.

Retailers, commercial building owners, facilities managers, hotel groups, and government agencies are among those benefitting from our reactive and responsive UK-wide replacement glazing service.

Insurance Services | Glassolutions Installation

Glassolutions Insurance Services is trusted by the UK's leading insurers, insurance brokers and intermediaries.

We provide a 24/7, 365 days a year nationwide emergency glazing repair and replacement service for domestic and commercial windows and doors, glass, frames, locks, conservatories and garage doors.

What sets us apart

Glass expertise

Our capabilities span the entire glass and glazing supply chain. This gives us unrivalled scope to shape our products and services with sustainability in mind, focusing on optimising the whole-life cycle of components and buildings. 

Risk management (sustainability)

Our group financial backing, ability to insure our own work, rigorous health and safety measures, and commitment to the environment all combine to give us an unrivalled ability to reduce your risk and allow us work together to develop a sustainable future for all.

Our people

Our service to you relies on our whole team putting your needs at the forefront of their actions. In 2016, our people spent more than 5000 hours in training and development to ensure that they have the skills needed to do their job to the best of their ability. Out organisation is proud of its collective experience, and we are happy to share it with our clients and partners to help work towards building a sustainable future for all.

Our Values

Principles of Conduct and Action

As part of the worldwide Saint-Gobain Group, GLASSOLUTIONS is committed to adhering to its values as set out in the Group's General Principles of Conduct and Action.


Principles of conduct

Professional commitment

Mobilising the knowledge and know-how of our workforce, and demonstrating commitment to ongoing training and development. Ensuring that all employees take responsibility in caring, particularly for the environment and for worker health and safety.

Respect for others

Acceptance of other cultures and of people of all origins. Readiness to listen to others, to inform, to explain, and to engage in dialogue.


Rigorous adherence to integrity in all professional activities, ensuring that the company is not compromised by the conflicting personal interests of any individual.


Honesty and fairness in dealing with superiors, colleagues, subordinates and third parties, as well as adherence to the guidelines and internal rules of GLASSOLUTIONS and the Saint-Gobain Group.


A commitment to individual responsibility in the workplace, encouraging teamwork and bringing out the best in each person to help achieve the set objective.


Principles of action

Respect for the law

All companies in the Saint-Gobain Group must adhere to the laws and regulations of the countries where they do business.

Caring for the environment

Actively promoting the protection of the environment, from an individual level up to company level. This includes setting clear targets for environmental performance, and periodically measuring and reviewing progress.

Worker health and safety

Adopting all measures necessary to ensure the best possible protection against health and safety risks in the workplace, including the implementation of risk reduction policies and periodic reviewing of their application.

Employee rights

Scrupulous adherence to ensuring that all employees’ rights are respected, promoting an active dialogue with staff and complying with all applicable labour laws.

To read the Saint-Gobain Group's Principles of Conduct and Action in full, please click here.


Modern Slavery Act

Saint-Gobain works closely with its supply-chain to ensure that products produced and supplied to the Group not only meet legislative requirements but also consider important factors like, sustainability of raw materials, lowering the embodied carbon of the products, and ensuring that social conditions for workers meet internationally recognised standards such as the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact - which Saint-Gobain signed up to in 2003.

Saint-Gobain Modern Slavery Act

The Saint-Gobain Group

Glassolutions UK - part of the worldwide Saint-Gobain Group

As part of the worldwide Saint-Gobain Group, GLASSOLUTIONS’ products and services are supported by the Group’s 350 years of experience experience in the building, construction and infrastructure industries. Research and innovation are at the heart of Saint-Gobain’s strategy, with a focus both on breakthrough innovations and on continuously improving existing products, processes and services.

Saint-Gobain encourages sustainable construction and develops innovative solutions that are energy efficient, comfortable, healthy and aesthetically superior, while at the same time protecting natural resources. The Group’s commitment to sustainable construction has led to partnerships with the Green Building Councils around the world and support for other organisations committed to caring for the environment like the United Nations Global Compact and UN convention on Climate change.

Like all Saint-Gobain Group members, GLASSOLUTIONS adheres to the values and practices of the Group as set out above in its Principles of Conduct and Action. These principles apply to every member of our team, and underpin everything we do.