Conception, engineering and installation of glazed façades and building envelopes

What sets us apart


As part of the global Saint-Gobain group established in 1665, Glassolutions has the corporate strength to give you on-going, stable supply and a reliable chain of custody that will see the project through whatever the challenges. It’s a group with an annual turnover of over €40 billion, and a strategic cash flow of €750 million. This stability ensures that we always fund our own working capital.

Meaningful warranties

In providing robust and meaningful warranties with the stability provided through our global group strength, we deliver the vital confidence you need to provide your own products and services to a lasting quality and in line with all the required legislative, safety and security standards.

Product innovation

Research and innovation in glazed facades has always been at the heart of our business strategy. Glassolutions Saint-Gobain has a strong track record of releasing innovative proprietary glazing systems and glass products e.g. VARIO® toggle glazing, SPIDERGLASS®, LITEWALL®, LITEFLOOR®, ECKLITE® and SageGlass®.

In 2013, we launched a new type of curtain wall: VS-1 by Glassolutions Saint-Gobain – a mullion only system that joins stick, unitised, structural silicon glazing (SSG) and bolted glass as the major categories of glazed facades.

Our success in delivering innovative solutions to the market comes from both Saint-Gobain’s ongoing willingness to invest in research and development (€500m in 2015 worldwide for the Saint-Gobain group) and strong product development relationships with highly reputable glazing industry specialist companies such as Dow Corning.


As part of the Saint-Gobain group, we share the ambition to be the “reference in sustainable habitat”. Our challenge is to save more energy, protect the environment and play our role in helping to construct quality buildings which have longevity. As such, one of Saint-Gobain’s cross-company strategic priorities is to ensure the provision of rich information content for multiple Building Information Modelling (BIM) platforms.

In the UK we are also the only glass processor to have placed its products through independently verified Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) - the most comprehensive way to assess the total environmental footprint of a product. In addition, Glassolutions operates to ISO14001 and is committed to achieving ISO18001 and BES 6001 in 2014/15.

Excellence in health and safety

Our strong group-wide health and safety culture means we are committed to going beyond the current legislation and positively embrace best-practice requirements. We therefore benefit significantly from cross-company experiences within the Saint-Gobain group. Our commitment extends to our carefully selected subcontractors and all levels of the supply chain in establishing communications on all health and safety matters.

How we work

Glassolutions is no ordinary specialist sub-contractor. We recognise the significance of added value services where our expertise makes a real difference at every stage of the RIBA Plan of Work.

We aim to deliver superb results at every stage of the project and throughout the project value chain:

  • We get involved early in a project, where appropriate – not just at, or just before, order placement.
  • We utilise a well-honed project delivery framework that works to ensure consistency, efficiency and effectiveness, while allowing for differences in project scope.
  • Our sales approach extends way beyond project acquisition – and sales development is focussed on repeat, sustainable business based on positive past experience.
  • Aside from the principle contractor, we are experienced in working with the breadth of project actors across the project stages.
  • We offer building lifecycle services on completion which represents an integration of our overall services which ultimately delivers a stronger product.
  • The fact that we hold preferred or strategic partner status with several leading construction firms nationwide is testament to the way we approach projects.

Expertise in refurbishment projects

  • Experience in working and directly contracting with the client.
  • Capability and experience of acting as the principal contractor on certain projects and taking full site management responsibility.
  • Technical knowledge and experience to evaluate existing buildings and occupant needs to propose fit-for-purpose, innovative retro-fit solutions.


Welcome to the future of facade installation.

VS-1 by GLASSOLUTIONS is a new type of curtain wall – a mullion-only system where the glass is held away from the mullion so the glass wall visually ‘floats’.

Designed to accommodate the widest range of today’s architectural styles, VS-1’s highly engineered simplicity delivers remarkable aesthetics for architects, developers and building owners. 

It is the only curtain wall system where the floating glass façade is held without the use of obtrusive bolt fixings or transoms, creating attractive sightlines and allowing large spans of glass to be used in the building envelope design. Its relative simplicity benefits facade contractors and streamlines facade installation, reducing risk of component failure, improving constructability, and reducing the cost of programme delays in both construction and post-construction phases.

VS-1 gives clients, architects and façade engineers the freedom to explore complex and aesthetically original building envelope designs using very large spans of glass, with clean sightlines and structural integrity.

For more information about the VS-1 curtain walling system, visit our dedicated page.

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