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Welcome to your glazing claim journey. Glassolutions is your insurance company's approved glazing supplier, offering a nationwide 24/7 emergency glazing service for repairing and replacing window and door glass and frames, conservatory glass, and locks.

If you have reached this dedicated home owner area on our website, you will have already spoken to one of our experienced team members in our UK call handing centre. If you haven't, and you need our services, why not call us now? Our teams are there for you when you need us most.

0333 00 333 88 (Standard Landline Rate Number)

Your Claim Journey

The following steps are an indication of the typical journey a customer claim will take. Each claim will have different circumstances, so all timeframes should be taken as a guide.



1. You've registered your claim

The first step on your claim journey, which you'll have already taken by the time you speak to us, is to register your claim with your insurance provider. This will set the wheels in motion for us to resolve the damage quickly and safely.


2. Your insurer has instructed us

Your insurer will then have contacted us to fill us in on the details of your claim.


3. We call you to arrange an assessment visit

Once we've spoken to you or your insurance company, the GLASSOLUTIONS national customer service team will arrange for an engineer to visit your home.



4. We visit your property to assess the issue

One of our 80 trained and highly experienced engineers will pay you a visit to assess your claim and make sure your home is secure, before returning to repair or replace damaged windows, doors and locks.

Depending on the nature of the damage, our engineer may be able to make full repairs on their first visit. If this isn't possible, they'll undertake a survey to ascertain the scope of the required work.


5. We issue our assessment report to your insurer for approval (if required)

If your insurance provider requests it, the engineer will issue an electronic assessment report to our customer service centre, who will progress it with your insurance company.


6. You decide on your chosen fix (we collect your excess)

Once we've been given the green light to complete the work, we'll contact you to discuss the work to be done and then order any necessary parts. If you'd like to change the specification or upgrade from the work related to your claim, we can discuss the options available to you at this stage.



7. We arrange a completion visit

Once any extra materials have arrived and been quality-checked, we'll agree a date for a completion appointment, and an engineer will make another visit with all the necessary parts to complete your repairs or replacement.


8. You receive a customer satisfaction call

When the work is complete, a member of our customer service team may contact you to discuss the quality of our service. Your feedback is important to us and enables us to improve our service in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the length of the claim journey vary?

All claims vary in length depending on the type of work required, the replacement product needed and the authorisation process of your insurer. Our customer service team will keep you updated, but if you have any queries please give them a call.

Do I need my own quote?

At GLASSOLUTIONS we have many years’ experience of working with insurers, and we're often able to speed up and simplify the claims process for you. For example, our process removes the need for you to make large upfront payments for the insurance-related work and then spend time reclaiming the money from your insurer – we take care of all that for you. Our works are fully guaranteed, and we can also quote for any changes or upgrades you’d like to make. If, however, your insurer has requested you to get your own quote for the work, then please do so; this should be presented to your insurer direct, otherwise there should be no requirement for you to do this.

How do I know my claim will be covered?

For most claims, it's likely we'll be able to let you know if you're covered once our engineer has assessed the damage. However, on some occasions we may need to contact your insurer for extra details.

If your claim isn't covered, we'll still be able to provide you with a direct quote for the work.

Who do I pay my policy excess to?

We're usually instructed by insurance companies to collect policy excesses on their behalf, and we aim to collect it when we book your survey. If payment isn't collected at this stage, it must be obtained before we order any materials or parts for your repair. Payments can be made via bank transfer, debit or credit card, or by cheque if you prefer. Please write your reference number on the reverse of any cheques, and make all cheques payable to: Glassolutions Saint-Gobain Ltd.


What do I need to do before an appointment?

We ask that before we arrive you make sure the working area is free from hazards and obstructions like curtains, blinds, television wires and alarms. To comply with health and safety requirements, please make sure that children and animals are kept away from the working area while our operatives are on site.

Why is my window or door frame being repaired, not replaced?

Where possible, we aim to repair frames rather than replace them. Generally, repairs can be completed much more quickly than replacements, resulting in much less disruption to you. GLASSOLUTIONS is recognised as an industry leader in the repair of window and door frames, and all of our repair work is covered under our warranty.


Do you quote for non-damaged item replacement, e.g. other doors and windows which I might want to replace?

Yes, we can. All additional works will be quoted for and charged directly to you.

If the costs for the works are under my policy excess, can I pay direct?

Yes, you can, and if you prefer to upgrade at that point you can ask for a new quote.

Will I receive a receipt for my policy excess?

Yes - just request your receipt and we'll send it to you.


Can I upgrade the damaged products?

Yes, you can – please let us know as soon as possible if you'd like us to replace your glazing with a superior product. We'll give you quotes for alternative options, and it's likely we'll be able to offer you a comparable cost to your insurer. Generally, insurers will only cover the cost of repair or replacing a product like-for-like – this means we'll need to charge you directly for any upgrades.


What will my warranty be, and will I receive documentation confirming this?

Warranty durations vary by product.Please contact our customer service team for more details.

Useful Information

Product upgrades

If you'd like to upgrade or change the existing product, please let our engineer know during your initial assessment visit and we'll be happy to provide an estimate.

Please be aware that your insurer is unlikely to cover the cost of upgrades or improvements.


Timber replacements

Unless we specify otherwise, all our replacement timber items will be installed fully finished and we'll make every effort to colour-match your existing products. Timber items are covered under warranty for one year only.


Matching Products

GLASSOLUTIONS always aims to replace on a like-for-like basis. However, this can't always be guaranteed as there may be occasions when the damaged item is obsolete, is one of a matching pair, or the original colour has become weathered and naturally faded over time.


Health and Safety

GLASSOLUTIONS is a conscientious organisation: our health and safety culture is a major part of our business, and our commitment to maintaining it has resulted in numerous industry award wins. We will fully comply with all relevant health and safety legislation throughout the completion of works to your property.



As we work very closely with the insurance industry, we comply with TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations. All complaints will be handled by one of our dedicated customer service advisors, and will be recorded onto our national database to help us continue to improve our procedures.

In the unlikely event of a complaint, please contact our customer service team on 01709 773778.


Unavoidable Damage

When we carry out work to your property, we take every care to carry out our repairs carefully and responsibly. Sometimes, however, unavoidable damage may occur, such as damage to surrounding brickwork or tiling. Our engineer will endeavour to fix these issues if they occur, but if this isn't possible we will inform your insurance company immediately.



GLASSOLUTIONS sub-contracts a small proportion of the work the Insurance team undertakes on behalf of your insurer. This is to ensure that we can meet your service expectations, or occasionally because the repair requires specific expertise which we don't have in-house.

Our sub-contractors are subject to the same health and safety standards as our in-house team, and are trained and monitored in the same ways.



The warranty we offer varies by product. Please speak to our customer service team for more information.



GLASSOLUTIONS adheres to the standards of various industry schemes and governing bodies within the UK. We are members of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), and we are also FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Schemes) registered.


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