Easy Sneeze Guards

Protect colleagues and customers with a hygienic and durable glass barrier.

With current health concerns regarding Coronavirus and COVID-19, protection of customer-facing service staff, and all other colleagues in the workplace is paramount to keep them safe and well. According to the World Health Organisation, Coronavirus mainly spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. A sneeze guard serves as a simple yet highly-effective physical barrier between staff or customers reducing exposure to potential infection.

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  • Easy to clean and disinfect with common cleaning products
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Superior visual appeal
  • Strong, stylish and durable


It is the smarter and more hygienic solution to protecting employees in the workplace than the traditional desk partitions and dividers.


This strong, hygienic and durable free-standing sneeze guard solution is ideal for retail outlets, customer service locations, office desktop partitioning, school and universities. Due to the ease of install and product options, this guard is suitable for most situations where a physical barrier is required. The sneeze guards are available with or without cut-outs.


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The benefits of using a glass sneeze guard:

  • Creates a physical barrier to prevent contamination
  • Reduces the risk of germs and the spread of infection
  • 6.4mm laminated glass
  • 3 standard sizes – fits all desks and counters
  • Available with or without cut-outs for retail transactions
  • Easy Installation – immediate protection
  • Made in the UK


Choose from 3 standard sizes:

Height: Always 800mm
Widths: 1000mm; 1100mm; 1500mm


Recommended desk layouts:

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Handling & Processing

Available with specially designed foot brackets for easy countertop and desk applications. With no special tools or skills required, just the supplied allen key, the 'easy' sneeze guard can be quickly installed by anyone.

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