Glass Sneeze Guards

Help limit the risk of airborne germs between colleagues and customers with our free-standing counter-top or desk-top glass sneeze guards. Ideal for social distancing - and beyond.


Help prevent the spread of COV-ID 19

Green Tick Creates a physical barrier to prevent contamination

Green Tick Reduces the risk of germs and the spread of infection

Green Tick 6.4mm laminated glass

Green Tick 3 standard sizes – fits all desks and counters

Green Tick Available with or without cut-outs for retail transactions

Green Tick Easy Installation – immediate protection Made in the UK


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Suitable for a range of environments and applications:

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With current health concerns regarding Coronavirus and COVID-19, the protection of customer-facing service staff, and all other colleagues in the workplace is paramount to keep them safe and well. According to the World Health Organisation, Coronavirus mainly spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. A sneeze guard serves as a simple yet highly-effective physical barrier between staff or customers reducing exposure to potential infection.




When choosing a sneeze guard, it is important to understand that some materials perform better than others in terms of long-term cleanliness and resistance to the spread of infections and viruses. The use of glass as a sneeze guard is highly recommended due to the benefits it offers.

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Red Tick Easy to clean and disinfect with common cleaning products


Red Tick Scratch-resistant


Red Tick Superior visual appeal


Red Tick Strong, stylish and durable


At a microscopic level, glass has a very smooth surface which means that it not only resists contamination by microorganisms and infections, but is also inherently easier to properly clean using conventional cleaning products. 


Unlike many plastics, alcohol-based detergents can be used without damaging the surface of the glass. In addition, the ‘hydrophobicity’ of glass (the physical property of glass to repel moisture molecules and water droplets) adds to the inherent cleaning benefits of glass over plastic and other materials, thereby reducing the risk of spreading infections and viruses.

The durability of glass and the fact that it is inherently scratch resistant increases its longevity and its ability to stay looking clean and professional. Glass sneeze guards and partitions also deliver a more aesthetically pleasing look over other materials, helping to create a safe and professional environment. 



Available in 3 standard widths, 1000mm, 1100mm and 1500mm, with specially designed foot brackets for easy countertop and desk applications. No specialist tools or skills are required, just the supplied allen key, so they can be quickly and easily installed.

Watch our short installation video to see how easy it is to install the 'easy' sneeze guard.



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