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Glossary of glass terms

Let us guide you through different glass and glazing terminology in our A-Z glossary.

Quality Criteria for Installed Insulating Glass Units (IGUs)

This observation guide has been produced to help answer many of the common questions which arise once glazing has been installed.

Clear guide to condensation

During the winter month, condensation can start forming on windows. This guide explains how to manage it.

Condensation patterning

A brief guide that explains condensation patterns on the surface of glass.

The use of glass in floors and stairs

A summary guide to the use of glass in floor and stair tread applications.

The use of glass in lifts

A summary guide to the use of glass in lift applications.

Glass maintenance and care

A guide to the care and maintenance of glass before, during and after the handling and installation process.

IGU care

A guide to the care and maintenance of insulated glass units before, during and after installation, including storage, handling and sealing advice.

Reports & publications

Health & Safety Policy

‘Nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely’ Glassolutions is totally committed to health & safety and the protection of the environment

Environmental Policy

Read and download the Glassolutions Environmental Policy.

Saint-Gobain Sustainable Development Review 2011

As a world leader in the habitat and construction markets, Glassolutions parent company Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes building materials which providing innovative solutions to meet growing demand for energy efficiency and environmental protection. Find out more in the Group's 2011 Sustainable Development Review.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

This Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) allows the presentation of environmental and sanitary characteristics of the Double Glazed Units with reinforced thermal insulation SGG CLIMAPLUS from SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS that will be used by (a) builders who put the product directly in the building, and (b) producers of double glazed windows for them to produce their own Environmental Product Declarations.

Creating the Sustainable Habitat

As part of the global Saint-Gobain Group, Glassolutions is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business. This brochure demonstrates the Group-wide approach to sustainability which underpins the products and services provided by Glassolutions.

COSHH Statement

Read and download the Safety Data Sheet according to EC-Directive 91/155/EEC.  This applies to metal-coated sheet glass - BIOCLEAN II / PLANITHERM / COOL-LITE / MIRASTAR. Download a copy of our COSHH Statement

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

This document sets out the Terms and Conditions of Purchase agreed between Glassolutions and the Supplier for the provision of Goods and Services and which is incorporated into the Glassolutions Terms Sheet by signature of that document which acknowledges receipt of a copy of these terms and their incorporation.

Saint-Gobain Emerging Realities Report

The construction industry is facing a time of significant change with a host of challenges and opportunities opening up for the sector. This report covers the trends, technologies and approaches in their infancy which will change the industry now and in the immediate future. Four key topic areas facing disruption are explored: economic, technological, socio-demographic and environmental realities.

Green Homes Grant scheme

The Government has announced the launch of the new Green Homes Grant scheme which is due to start at the end of September 2020.  It will allow homeowners and private landlords to get funding for up to two-thirds off the cost of a range of energy saving measures - up to £5,000 – in the form of vouchers.  Lower income households could be entitled to have as much as £10,000 of the costs covered. The improvements must be completed and the voucher redeemed by 31st March 2021 

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