Glassolutions' acoustic glazing spec paves way for loud and clear sales opportunities

GLASSOLUTIONS’ collaboration with CMS Window Systems to develop the UK’s first Quiet-Mark approved sound insulated PVCu window could mark a step change in how the window and door industry markets its products to homeowners and tenants.

The development of the CMS Silent-Therm Window means householders can for the first time in Britain be assured of a window which minimises noise disturbance. The independent testing required to meet the Quiet-Mark standard is rigorous, which is why it is adopted and trusted by major brands and market leaders such as Dyson, John Lewis and Samsung. 

The window combines a well-designed PVCu profile with a specialist noise control IGU specification to deliver a window which significantly outperforms standard windows in its ability to reduce external sounds. With the high standard of fabrication and installation provided by CMS, plus the additional benefits of enhanced security and improved ‘furniture fade control’, Silent-Therm’s performance promise is one of the most significant comfort-improving developments in years. 

According to GLASSOLUTIONS’ Head of Marketing Adam Taylor, the window’s development illustrates how a carefully considered IGU specification can help fabricators and installers open up exciting new sales opportunities. 

Adam says, “Glass technology has advanced significantly in the past decade to such an extent that we can design and manufacture sealed units that go way beyond A and A+ rated thermal insulation. The CMS Silent-Therm window is the perfect example, capitalising on the acoustic insulating properties of SGG Stadip Silence primarily to ease noise nuisance and still delivering first rate energy performance thanks to SGG Planitherm Total+. 

“We have a great opportunity to combine different glasses from the Saint-Gobain range, coupled with our technical knowledge to really support fabricators and installers offering real benefits to people inside buildings. Whilst keeping heat in the room is still everyone’s focus, companies like CMS are working with us to take this forward and start to raise the other benefits we can offer. 

With four IGU manufacturing plants for both the domestic and commercial sectors – supplemented by two toughening plants, GLASSOLUTIONS is one of the UK’s largest IGU manufacturers. It offers the full family of SGG Planitherm products, which it can combine as required with other high quality Saint-Gobain glass products including SGG Planiclear, SGG Stadip Silence and SGG Cool-Lite. 

07/06/2016 - 14:16