Glassolutions wins G14 environmental initiative of the year award

Glassolutions’ commitment to environmental sustainability has been given industry approval at the G14 awards where it received the Environmental Initiative of the Year award.

The company, which is part of the international Saint-Gobain group, picked up the award at the prestigious awards ceremony hosted by comedian Kevin Bridges at the glamorous Hilton Park Lane Hotel, London.

Glassolutions won the award for its investment in a unique scientific study at the Energy House at Salford University. The research project measured the contribution that Glassolutions glass makes to the energy performance of the whole house, as well as the performance of the windows. It provided further evidence that high performance glass from Glassolutions can cut energy use and the contribution is the equivalent of adding 150mm of loft insulation.

Glassolutions marketing director Mike Butterick, who collected the award alongside managing director Simon Carin, said: “Winning the Environmental Initiative of the Year award is a fantastic achievement which recognises the company’s commitment to developing sustainable products and processes.

“We are the only glass company in the UK to have tested our glass in this way and can offer our customers complete assurance of its performance – our glass does what it says on the tin, so to speak!

“We are planning Phase 2 to further develop the research. This is vital data that will impact on future product development and investment in energy saving solutions. It’s a step-change in the industry and we have opened the door for other manufacturers and installers to show what their systems are capable of.”  

12/02/2014 - 00:00