Repair focus strikes a chord with loss adjusters

Leading supply chain partner to the UK insurance market Glassolutions has demonstrated how its ‘repair before replace’ ethos, skills and service for windows and doors can deliver multiple benefits to insurers and policyholders at the 2016 Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) Conference in Manchester.

Presenting its range of solutions at the one-day event designed to enable loss adjusters to share their knowledge and advance expertise, the Glassolutions team showed how repairs to windows and doors can often save on indemnity costs, and provide homeowners with a more satisfactory outcome.

This is because a frame repair is completed whilst the window or door remains in-situ, which means no risk of damage to the surrounding reveal’s plasterwork or décor, and it is less disruptive and time consuming compared to a whole window or door replacement. The quality of frame repairs completed by Glassolutions is also to an extremely high standard and eliminates the risk of incompatible colour matching which can occur when an individual window or door is replaced in a property.

Andrew Gentry, Head of Insurance Services at Glassolutions said: “As one of the insurance sector’s leading nationwide supply chain partners, our ‘repair before replace’ approach has already benefited thousands of insurers and their policyholders who value the speed and simplicity of repairs versus replacement. Whilst it is not suitable for every claim, prioritising repair is a valuable way for insurers to minimise costs and it’s more environmentally sustainable too – reducing the need to remove frames that could ultimately end up going to landfill.”

In addition to its comprehensive range of 24/7 domestic repair and replacement services, which covers items such as locks and conservatory glass as well as frames, Glassolutions also provides the insurance sector with a complete support package for commercial insurance customers.

This offers commercial insurers the benefits of directly employed engineers, skilled and on call 24/7, and who are experts in working at height. Glassolutions supports them with internal commercial teams who are specialists at handling more complex projects, as well as the requirements of multiple contacts involved in commercial insurance claims.

With its understanding of how important it is to get commercial clients back in business as soon as possible, and limiting the impact on trading through the provision of a fast and effective service, Glassolutions provides a wide range of commercial repair and replacement solutions across the UK, including shop front glass and frames, roller shutters and grills and specialist glass, often protecting major brands and their assets in high profile locations. 

10/03/2016 - 12:12