CLIP-IN is a revolutionary, patented hinge which is fixed to the glass in such a way as to be practically ‘invisible’

The hinge design combines a minimalist, contemporary appearance with robustly tested performance.

The CLIP-IN hinge is factory-fitted to the glass by our trained operators. The mechanism works in a similar way to dovetail joints, as the cross-section image above illustrates. The bottom section with the machined groove is the glass, and the top section with the tongue is the CLIP-IN ‘invisible’ hinge.


The CLIP-IN system is available in:

  • 10mm
  • 12mm


The CLIP-IN system is ideal for:

  • Commercial applications


There are many benefits of using CLIP-IN doors and hinges:

  • The sleek, unobtrusive hinge design gives new sophistication to glass doors.
  • The hinge is factory-fitted, meaning on-site installation time is greatly reduced.
  • Fully tested to EN947 and EN948 (resistance to vertical loads and static torsion).
  • Sound insulation is noticeably improved compared to traditional glass doors, thanks to the method of fixing the hinge to the glass and the overall hinge design.
  • The hinge has also been designed to eliminate any possibility of trapping fingers.
  • The finish on the metal hinge can be either anodised or brushed stainless steel.
  • A variety of glass types / finishes can be used e.g. acid-etched SATINOVO, or extra-clear DIAMANT.


In order to securely fix the hinge to the glass, a specially shaped groove, of patented design, is machined along the edge of the glass door. The glass is always toughened for strength and safety.

The hinge is then fixed to the glass by means of a unique and patented tongue design which is fitted into the groove by inserting a specially designed lip into one end of the groove and then sliding the hinge along the edge of the glass, so the tongue is held within the groove.

The hinge is then securely fixed in place by tightening screws on the opposite side of the hinge which pull the tongue backwards, into the hinge, thus mechanically fixing it to the glass inside this specially shaped groove. These screw mechanisms are designed to ensure that it is never possible to over-tighten them. The tongue is designed to shape itself to exactly fit the machined groove in the glass, ensuring even pressure along the edge of the glass.

The hinge is fully tested to EN947 and EN948 (resistance to vertical loads and static torsion).



Handling & Processing


CLIP-IN doors are supplied with the CLIP-IN hinge factory fitted. This gives total assurance that the CLIP-IN hinge is correctly located within the patented CLIP-IN groove.

To secure the CLIP-IN hinge to the door support, turn the wall fixing points to the side to locate the screw point. These screw points are designed to take 5mm diameter screws (not supplied).

These screws need to be secured into anchors that will safely support the weight of the glass door. Please refer to the ‘Measuring and Installation’ guide (pdf download) for information on how to do this.

clip in system

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