EI Fire Resistant Glass - Contraflam

CONTRAFLAM EI, clear, fire-resistant safety glass, offering 30-120 minutes of protection

CONTRAFLAM from Vetrotech is our range of EI fire resistant glass offering 30 - 120 minutes of integrity & insulation.

CONTRAFLAM benefits from:

  • 1 (B) 1 impact classification
  • Ideal for Internal or external applications
  • Solutions for steel, aluminum & tmber frames
  • Ideal for Partitions, facades, doors, windows, overhead glazing or floor applications.
  • Able to combine with other Saint-Gobain glasses for multiple benefits from one product.


CONTRAFLAM comes in a variety of configurations to satisfy different levels of fire-ratings, from EI30 to EI120.

When exposed to fire the special intumescent interlayers turn opaque and expand to form a fully insulating heat shield. This effectively reduces the transmission of radiated and conducted heat for up to 120 minutes. The opaque insulating interlayer blocks the view of the fire, which can minimise panic and act as a guide for emergency services to indicate the presence of fire.

CONTRAFLAM can be used in a range of formats, depending on the application:

  • Single glazing
  • Laminated
  • Insulated Glass Units (IGU's)

We offer different thicknesses in single glazing based on the fire performance you need:

  • 16mm = 30min EI
  • 25mm = 60min EI
  • 38mm = 90min EI
  • 62mm = 120mm EI

In IGU form, CONTRAFLAM can be combined with products that offer safety & security (STADIP, STADIP PROTECT), enhanced thermal insulation (PLANITHERM), acoustic (STADIP SILENCE), solar control (COOL LITEPARSOL), Decorative (MASTERGLASSSATINOVO, EMALIT, PRIVALITE)

Where can CONTRAFLAM be used?

CONTRAFLAM can be used for both internal and external areas, for installation into steel, aluminium or timber frames, partitions, and doors. It is ideal for partitions, facades, doors, windows, overhead glazing or floor applications.

Large pane sizes are available; from 30 (EI30) to 120 (EI120) minutes integrity and insulation.


What CONTRAFLAM can offer
  • 30 - 120 minutes integrity & insulation (EI30-EI120) EN 1363
  • Toughened glass as standard - making it more robust on-site/in-situ
  • Combined with S-G low-e, solar control, decorative, acoustic glass, or a combination for maximum benefits
  • Large pane sizes possible (extensive test data is available).
  • UV Stable, so the same product is suitable for exterior and interior applications
  • 5 year warranty.

Contraflam technical specifications

Technical guides

For more information on CONTRAFLAM please see one of our technical guides:

How to handle & process CONTRAFLAM


Proper installation of fire-resistant glazing is critical to the fire-resistance of the products. The glazing should always be installed in exact conformance to the test certification documentation. Minor changes to any elements of the installation can have a massive impact on the fire-rating of the glazing, which could mean, for example, that there would no longer be enough time to safely evacuate a building.

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