Cool-Lite SKN 174

Solar control glass, which blocks up to 59% of solar heat by reflecting it to the outside

COOL-LITE SKN 174 and SKN 174 II are solar control products with high performance coatings, which are applied to PLANICLEAR clear float glass by cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions.

COOL-LITE SKN 174 is for annealed use and COOL-LITE SKN 174 II is for use in either toughened or heat-strengthened form. The coatings are positioned on face 2 of the sealed unit.


COOL-LITE SKN is a solar control glass range which gives excellent selectivity while retaining a neutral appearance. This range offers five different levels of performance, depending on a project's specific requirements.


COOL-LITE SKN174 and SKN174 II are solar control products which are primarily used in commercial buildings, either for façades, windows or overhead glazing. They are designed for use side-by-side; COOL-LITE SKN 174 in annealed form and COOL-LITE SKN 174 II in toughened/heat-strengthened form.


COOL-LITE SKN 174 balances the advantages of a high performance and very neutral solar control product with:

  • a high light transmission a very low g-value, which reduces solar gain by as much as 30% compared to standard thermally insulating glass
  • an excellent U-value of 1.1W/m2K
  • a high degree of neutrality both in transmission and exterior reflection.

COOL-LITE SKN 174 can be used to create more comfortable interiors by reducing overheating and the need for costly air conditioning, whilst at the same time noticeably reducing excessive heat loss.

The technical performance and aesthetics of COOL-LITE SKN 174 (annealed) and COOL-LITE SKN 174 II (to be toughened/heat-strengthened) are identical. COOL-LITE SKN 174 II can be toughened from stock enabling a quick turnaround for toughened/ heat-strengthened double-glazed units. Together, these two coatings can be used to produce exciting and innovative projects within a short timescale. There is the additional advantage, therefore, of a short lead time for replacements.

  DGU with COOL-LITE SKN 174/174 II DGU with STADIP / COOL-LITE SKN 174/174 II
External Pane COOL-LITE SKN 174/174 II STADIP / COOL-LITE SKN 174/174 II
Composition mm 6(16)6 6.8(16)6
Coating Positions Face 2 Face 2
LT 68% 68%
LRe 11% 11%
g-value* 0.41 0.39
Shading Coefficient 0.47 0.45
U-Value in W/m2K Air 1.4 1.4
90% Argon 1.1 1.1
RW(C,Ctr) 90% Argon - 34(-2, -5)dB

SGG COOL-LITE SKN 174/174 II meets the durability requirements of class C of European standards EN 1096-1 and -2.

*Light and solar performance according to EN 410

Handling & Processing

Once the product is made into a sealed unit, the coating is protected within the sealed unit and it is handled in the usual way. For details on how to handle and process the base glass product, please refer to the Handling Guidelines document.

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