Heated Glass - E-GLAS

E-GLAS technology uses heated, transparent double or triple glazing to provide insulation against external cold, and simultaneously eliminate the ‘cold wall’ effect and the side-effects of condensation

Particularly well suited to cold and/or damp environments (like bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.), E-GLAS technology uses heated, transparent double or triple glazing to provide insulation against external cold, and simultaneously eliminate the ‘cold wall’ effect as well as the side-effects of condensation.

Using this technology, glazed roofs gain an ‘automatic snow melting’ function. A laminated version is also available for internal applications.

E-GLAS is an active insulating glazing, which means it converts electrical power into heat. The heating surface of the double or triple glazing is low-emissivity glass: when stimulated by electrodes, the thin oxide coating over the inner face on the side of the vacuum (filled with Argon) radiates heat towards the opposite face.

Depending on its composition, it can heat outward or inward, making it possible to melt snow, prevent condensation, and be a source of heat itself. The power of E-GLAS is controlled by different electrical features like thermostats or snow-detectors.

The laminated version is often used for interior applications, such as glass partitions that heat on both sides and gives comfort or replaces the main heating system.

Our E-GLAS Range


From 300 x 300 mm to 2170 x 4000mm (2470 x 4800mm by arrangement).


Minimum thickness:

  • 16mm for insulated version
  • 9mm for laminated version

Glass cutting

The glass is supplied with the required size. Further cutting or drilling is not possible.

Electrical connection

The power supply wire is pulled out from one of the edges, at least 150mm away from an end.

Where can E-GLAS be used?


Double or triple glazing, where heating, snow removal or anti-condensation properties are required e.g. facades, roofing, bay-windows, awnings, verandas, security glazing.

Internal (laminated version)

Ideal for partitions, screens, glass floors

Depending on the application and the required functionality (heating, snow removal, anti-condensation), the power intensity and the glass dimensions are determined.

What E-GLAS can offer

E-GLAS delivers numerous benefits:

  • Optimal transparency and light transmission.
  • All the efficiency and thermal comfort of radiant heating, without the ‘cold wall’ feel.
  • Elimination of condensation and mould growth on frames.
  • Reduces the risk of damage from snowfall and ice on roofs, by preventing a build up.
  • Increases the level of natural daylight in buildings, by melting snow build-up.
  • Positive ecological impact - energy optimisation and reduction in building maintenance.
  • Significant economic impact – a lighter architectural structure and a reduction in cost.

E-GLAS technical specifcations
  Standard composition (double glazed panel
Light transmission* 68%
Light reflection* 15%
Solar factor* 53%
Ug (W/m2k) 1,2
Power per m2 of glass From 0 to 600 W/m2

Even without the heating element, E-Glas is one of the best insulating glass united on the market.

*spectrophotometric data are given with a +-2% tolerance.

For full details, please refer to the technical data sheet.

How to handle & process E-GLAS


E-GLAS must be glazed by approved installers.

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