Emalit Evolution

An opaque coloured glass ideal for external facades

EMALIT EVOLUTION is an opaque coloured glass, produced by uniformly enamelling one side of the glass.

The new enamels used do not contain any dangerous heavy metals* (in particular: lead, cadmium, mercury or chromium VI). The enamel is fired at a very high temperature, in order to fuse permanently with the glass surface, giving the product exceptional durability.

EMALIT EVOLUTION is a toughened safety glass manufactured in accordance with standard BS EN 12150. For certain applications it can be heat-strengthened in accordance with standard BS EN 1863.

* < 1000 ppm in the content of the paint


EMALIT® EVOLUTION is available in a range of 11 standard colours.

EMALIT® EVOLUTION CLASSIC: for uniformly coloured glass panels

EMALIT® EVOLUTION CLASSIC EXTRA-WHITE: for pure white, using extra clear glass

Bespoke Products

In addition to the standard range of colours, bespoke colours and colour-matching services are available enabling most colours to be replicated. If you require information on these, and other, product variations e.g. the use of different substrate materials, please contact our specification sales team.


External façade cladding

EMALIT EVOLUTION is used primarily for external façades in insulated spandrels or cladding panels in non-vision areas for an aesthetically clean appearance. Uniform facades or contrasting features can be created, with the added reflective quality of glass.


More environmentally friendly

the enamel is free from lead and other dangerous metals making it more environmentally friendly and totally recyclable. During manufacture, the almost total absence of pollutants protects nature and health.

Coloured façades

EMALIT EVOLUTION is available in a wide range of colours. Additional decorative effects can be obtained by enamelling different base glasses and/or designing specific colours.

Exceptional durability and safety

EMALIT® EVOLUTION is a toughened safety glass with the mechanical properties and durability inherent to clear toughened glass. The colours remain totally stable over time

Simple installation

EMALIT EVOLUTION is as easy to install as ordinary toughened glass.


Technical guide

If you need information on the visual appearance of Emalit Evolution please download our guide

Handling & Processing

Insulated Spandrel Panels

Insulation can be added to both single and double-glazed spandrel panels to improve thermal performance.

Double-glazed units

EMALIT EVOLUTION can be incorporated in double-glazed units for facade applications. The enamel coating must be on face 4. This type of double glazing must be designed specifically for this particular application (depth of seal, loading, width of cavity etc.).

Laminated glass

When required in laminated form, the enamelled face must be located on the outside of the assembly.

Curved glass

Please contact Glassolutions to discuss.


EMALIT EVOLUTION edgeworking is carried out before toughening. This glass cannot be cut or edgeworked after the toughening process.


Blue Tone

Cactus Green

Dark Grey

Graphite Grey

Harmonic Bronze

Industrial Grey

Mid Grey

Neutral Grey

Polar White

Weathered Bronze

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