Lite-Wall ISO

LITE-WALL ISO is a point-fixed system for insulated glazing units (IGU). It is connected to the supporting structure by means of four or more point fixings, which are attached only to the inner pane of the IGU

The patented point fixing allows the outer pane of the IGU to remain uninterrupted. The inner pane, through which the bolt is fixed, is laminated safety glass comprising two sheets of tempered safety glass.

The fittings are designed to transfer wind pressure and suction loads as well as the self-weight of the unit back to the structure.

LITE-WALL ISO is now also certified as blast-enhanced to ISO 16933 “Glass in Building – Explosion resistant security glazing – Test and classification for arena air blast loading”.


The non-drilled outer pane of glass can be a coated glass product to provide thermal insulation or solar control properties. Screen-printed outer panes are also possible.

Standard composition

  • Outer sheet:   8 mm SECURIT tempered safety glass, coated
  • Cavity:   12 mm air filled with stainless steel warm edge spacer bar
  • Inner sheet:  14 mm STADIP laminated safety glass comprising: 8 mm SECURIT / 0.76 mm PVB-Interlayer / 6 mm SECURIT
  • Black stainless steel warm edge spacer bar is used as the standard cavity spacer bar providing improved thermal insulation when compared to conventional aluminium spacer bars.

  • Facades
  • Inclined facades
  • Overhead glazing


Unobtrusive, flush appearance

LITE-WALL ISO contributes to the creation of all-glass assemblies and innovative projects. With LITE-WALL ISO, the glass is not set in frames like traditional constructions, but held in place by point-fixings which do not penetrate the outer pane of the IGU, thus creating innovative aesthetic all-glass facades.

Enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation

Since the bolts do not penetrate the outer pane of the IGU, this improves the thermal performance of the unit because there is no cold bridging via the bolt from one side to the other. The acoustic performance of the IGU is also improved and the unit is more weather tight.

Maximum transparency

All-glass structures can be created, ensuring interiors are generously provided with natural light. When refurbishing older buildings, the clarity of the glass allows the original structure to be exposed in its true form.

Handling & Processing


Requirements of the sub-frame:

  • The sub-frame must be capable of supporting and transferring the weight of the IGUs, and all resulting loads e.g. wind loads.
  • The deflection of the sub-frame when the above mentioned loads are applied must not exceed 1/300 of the facade height.
  • Stabilisation of the sub-frame by means of the glass is not allowed.
  • Tolerances, fixed-support and loose-support connections are accommodated in the design of the connecting details of the LITE-WALL ISO fittings.

Installation is only to be carried out by those trained in the installation of point-fixed systems.

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