Mirrored Glass - MIRALITE PURE

An innovative mirror with exceptional purity

MIRALITE PURE is a lead and solvent-free mirror, demonstrating huge health benefits and environmentally friendly credentials to eco-conscious customers.

It is made from 30% recycled glass and uses water-based rather than chemical solvents in its manufacture.

Made with high quality PLANICLEAR glass, MIRALITE PURE provides a high level of light and is extremely durable. Its black coated backing also means it is perfect for creating backlighting effects such as use with LED lights.

Our Range

MIRALITE PURE is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm thicknesses:

Thickness table for MIRALITE PURE

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Also, discover our antique mirror range: MIRALITE ANTIQUE & MIRALITE VERSAILLE, all the benefits of MIRALITE PURE, but with an aged appearance. 


Thickness (mm) Sizes Clear Safety Backed Bronze Grey 
4 3210 x 2250 Y Y Y Y
6 3210 x 2250 Y Y Y Y



MIRALITE PURE can be used extensively in a wide range of applications.

The properties of MIRALITE PURE enhance internal spaces through increased light levels and creating a calm, welcoming ambience.

It is ideal for use in the home (bathrooms, hallways etc) and in professional settings such as offices, businesses, hotels, restaurants and sports halls.

It can be customised in different shapes, framed or unframed, or used simply to line a wall or cover furniture.

MIRALITE PURE can be used:

  • As framed or unframed mirrors
  • For panelling on walls, doors or pillars
  • In furniture
  • For signage


  • Superior quality mirror free of lead and solvents (paint is water-based)
  • Healthier, improved air quality and more environmentally friendly
  • High level of light and neutral reflection – highly desirable for interior design
  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications
  • Easy to process and install – can be cut, drilled and edgeworked,sandblasted and engraved

Saint-Gobain removed lead from its mirrors more than 10 years ago and the next step has been to replace the solvent used in the silver protection paint with a water-based paint, limiting odours and potential exposure to harmful substances. 

The process helps to improve indoor air quality as it avoids the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehydes into the atmosphere, which can cause eye irritation, respiratory problems, and other health issues.

MIRALITE PURE supersedes the original MIRALITE REVOLUTION and complements Saint-Gobain Glass’s existing range of mirrors including MIRALITE VERSAILLES (clear) and MIRALITE ANTIQUE (grey, bronze and clear), designed to have the appearance of aged mirrors whilst being produced to the latest quality, manufacturing and environmental standards.

Thickness % LRe minimum
3mm 93
4mm 92
5mm 91
6mm 89

Measurement of reflectance is undertaken in accordance with EN 410, with the angle of incidence of light within 8° of normal.

Handling & Processing


MIRALITE PURE is suitable for cutting into all types of geometric or non-geometric shapes.  It can be drilled and edgeworked (bevel, chamfer etc).

It can also be customised with a logo, a sandblast design, or engraved on the face opposite the coating.

Installation & Fixing

MIRALITE PURE can be fixed with screw fittings, channel glazing or adhesive glazing using mirror adhesive or alcohol-based or oxime-based neutral silicone only*, together with double-sided adhesive pads.

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