Miralite Revolution

An innovative mirror with exceptional purity

The first mirrored glass to have been subjected to a full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to ensure its green credentials are second to none.

The LCA is verified by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), ensuring the quality and reliability of all calculations. The EPD documentation can be downloaded here: epd.glassolutions.eu

Thickness (mm)   Clear Extra Clear Bronze Grey Green
2 3210 x 2000 Y        
3 3210 x 2000 Y        
3210 x 2250 Y Y Y Y  
3210 x 2440 Y        
3210 x 2550 Y Y Y    
4 3210 x 2000 Y       Y
3210 x 2250 Y Y Y Y Y
3210 x 2440 Y        
3210 x 2550 Y Y Y    
5 3210 x 2000 Y        
3210 x 2250 Y Y Y Y  
3210 x 2550 Y        
6 3210 x 2000 Y        
3210 x 2250 Y Y Y Y  
3210 x 2550 Y Y Y   Y
8 3210 x 2250 Y Y Y Y  


We also offer MIRALITE ANTIQUE & MIRALITE VERSAILLE, all the benefits of MIRALITE REVOLUTION but with an aged apperance.


MIRALITE REVOLUTION can be used extensively in applications such as:

  • Any room in the home
  • In communal areas in office blocks or apartment blocks: entrance halls, lifts or landings
  • In shopping centres or retail stores
  • In bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres or cinemas
  • In public buildings, offices or clinics and hospitals
  • In sports centres, leisure facilities and dance studios.


  • As framed or unframed mirrors
  • For panelling on walls, doors or pillars
  • In furniture
  • For signage.


End user / client

The ecological footprint of SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION has been reduced by working on every step of its life cycle.

A product which protects well-being and health, with no toxic substances.

Quality and durability remain unchanged, from the previous SGG MIRALITE EVOLUTION, an outcome of a major Research and Development programme.

Attractive appearance to create light and pleasant living spaces.

Thickness % LRe minimum
3mm 93
4mm 92
5mm 91
6mm 89

Measurement of reflectance is undertaken in accordance with EN 410, with the angle of incidence of light within 8° of normal.

Handling & Processing


MIRALITE REVOLUTION can be cut, drilled and edgeworked like traditional mirrors. The front or back surfaces of the mirror can also be customised by means of sandblasting, engraving and / or painting (an example being Vitrio back-painted glass).

Installation & Fixing

MIRALITE REVOLUTION can be fixed with screw fittings, channel glazing or adhesive glazing using mirror adhesive or alcohol-based or oxime-based neutral silicone only*, together with double-sided adhesive pads.

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