Shower Screen Glass - TIMELESS

TIMELESS is low maintenance glass designed for shower screens & bath screens

TIMELESS is for use in shower screens and bath screens. TIMELESS consists of a very clear glass, PLANICLEAR, to which a virtually invisible coating is applied. This coating means that water slips over the surface of the glass, limiting limescale deposits and marks - meaning that your shower screen glass will be easier to clean. The shower screen glass is protected against corrosion, ensuring long-lasting transparency and a neutral appearance.

Our Shower Screen Glass Range

TIMELESS is available on clear glass in 6 and 10mm thicknesses.

Where can TIMELESS be used?

TIMELESS is designed for applications in showers and can be used in;

  • Shower screens
  • Shower cubicles
  • Bath screens

What are the benefits of TIMELESS?

High degree of transparency and a neutral appearance

TIMELESS consists of a very clear glass, PLANICLEAR, to which a virtually invisible coating is applied. TIMELESS is therefore very transparent and does not alter colour perception, irrespective of the thickness of the glass

An anti-corrosion effect for a lasting transparency

Day in, day out, the glass is protected against corrosion, so that it does not become whitish and maintains its attractive appearance

Easier to clean glass

Water slips over the surface of the shower screen glass, which limits limescale deposits and marks. Any residual marks clean off more easily than on non-treated glass

High-durability treatment

TIMELESS is obtained by magnetron deposition of a coating of metal oxides. This treatment lasts over time without losing its effectiveness, and can withstand all types of industrial processing.

TIMELESS Specifications
Thickness Light Transmittance Light Reflectance
6mm 89% 10%
10mm 88% 10%

Regulatory notes

TIMELESS complies with the following standards:

EN 14428: «Shower enclosures- Functional requirements and test methods»;

EN 1096 (class A): «Glass in building – coated glass».

Handling & Processing

TIMELESS is glass that has been treated on one side. It is a toughened or tempered product: the hardening is required to make the product suitable for its intended purpose.

The TIMELESS layer is virtually invisible. To identify the treated side we recommend referencing the tininclusion side of the glass (using a UV lamp or detector).

The TIMELESS surface-treatment is always applied on the untinned side (atmosphere-side).

For ease of identification of the glass sides we recommend affixing a semi-adhesive sticker to the tinned (untreated) side.

The product may be processed under the conditions generally applied for float glass. TIMELESS may be cut, worked and tempered or toughened.

It may be curved for radii to 1 m(arrange tests for smaller radii).

TIMELESS may be silk-screened on one or both sides. It may be laminated, provided that the glass has first been toughened and that this layer is the outwards-facing layer of the assembly.

In all phases of processing be sure to use suitable tools and materials in order to avoid scratching the layer.

Carefully dry off the glass after each processing step in order to avoid leaving any residue that might become indelible after tempering.

First use

The glass must be placed with the TIMELESS layer inwards, facing into the shower. TIMELESS is installed as a shower glass of the same thickness. First use must in any event be in compliance with the relevant safety standards and regulations currently in force.

Running maintenance

TIMELESS may be cleaned with a soft cloth and water or with a rod-type wiper. Standard cleaning products may be used. Never use products containing abrasive powders; never use abrasive tools.

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