Magnetic Painted Glass - Vitrio Magnetic

Transform any home or office space with Vitrio Magnetic

Add a splash of colour to a project with Vitrio Magnetic: GLASSOLUTIONS' range of magnetic backpainted glass, ideal for offices, conference rooms and collaborative spaces. Function and style needn't be mutually exclusive with Vitrio Magnetic: as well as giving a sleek and modern look to any installation, its toughened lacquered glass base means it's sturdy enough to be used as partitions, shelves and wall cladding.

Available in a range of sizes and a vast spectrum of colours, the only limit to the uses of Vitrio Magnetic is your imagination.

  • Standard wipe board is made from 4mm thick glass - available in White, Grey or Lime
  • Standard offering range available in five sizes (mm): 600 x 450 / 900 x 600 / 1200 x 900 / 1500 x 1000 / 1800 x 1200
  • Bespoke wipe board can be tailor-made in any colour and to any size up to 3000 mm x 1800 mm 


Our colourful Vitrio Magnetic board can brighten any office or home space – scribble, stick, then simply wipe clean.

This dual purpose product can be used as either a cool and stylish wipe board or alternatively pinboard-style with our magnets.

  • High impact: With a sleek and modern design, Vitrio Magnetic can transform any office or home space
  • Practical and robust: compared to a standard whiteboard, repetitive writing won’t shadow over time
  • Aesthetically versatile: dual purpose, use as either a wipe board or pin board
  • Manufactured in the UK by GLASSOLUTIONS, who have been at the forefront of glass innovation since 1666

  • Manufactured to order in the UK
  • Specialist water-based, non-leaded, moisture resistant paint
  • Passed all sheer and pull off tests for longevity
  • Extra-clear low iron glass as standard to ensure a vibrant colour
  • UV stable ensuring the colour won’t fade from the sunlight
  • Can be applied to the wall using adhesive, mirror clips or mirror screws
  • Safe and extra strong. High impact resistance – FIVE times that of annealed (standard) non toughened glass.
  • Toughened (tempered) to BN EN 12150
  • Five year warranty to guarantee that the colour will stay fast and remain adhered to the glass surface.

Magnets and fixtures and fittings are available to purchase as additional accessories. Magnets must be rare earth.

Colour palettes

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