Adobe HQ, Utah

Mullion-only VS-1 curtain walling system delivers a vertical focus for Adobe in cutting-edge building design

In providing a home for its new web analytics operation, software giant Adobe Systems thought big and creatively about delivering an office environment which reflected the creative, people-centric ethos of the business.

The VS-1 curtain walling system from Glassolutions enabled the creation of a flexible and responsive workspace.


Located on a desert plain on the edge of the US technology boom-town of Lehi, Utah, the four storey, 280,000 sq ft complex was designed with ‘wings’ which mimic the surrounding mountains and it even spans a freeway. Using the VS-1 mullion-only curtain walling system, the architect was able to deliver an extensive bright, open-plan office environment which is ideally suited to the flexible way in which Adobe’s 1,100-strong creative workforce likes to work.

Along with a number of unique interior elements designed to reflect the way in which Adobe brings together art and science, the Utah complex is feature-packed to be much more than just an office building. The facility features an employee café, an indoor basketball court, a rock-climbing wall, a game room named “The Bunker” and a fully equipped gym.


The building’s stunning design includes large expanses of curtain walling of up to 42 feet wide. With the VS-1 system, these openings could be spanned without transoms - to a height of up to 8m - to achieve superb aesthetics and optimise the amount of natural daylight in the open plan areas.

The mullions are configured in a variety of ways to deliver different visual dimensions. Several façade elevations are constructed using internal mullions and a flush glazed exterior.  The complex’s gymnasium is the reverse with the mullions externally mounted to deliver a flush glazed finish internally and an interesting visual effect on both sides.

The most expansive façade areas of the main complex building feature the VS-1 mullions on the exterior in an offset arrangement over three storeys. This gives the impression of vertically louvred windows when looking along the façade at an acute angle.

Structurally the VS-1 system was challenged to accommodate much more than the forces that UK architects would typically expect. The brief was to ensure compliance with the highest level of seismic design - zone 4 – which means the build will cope with lateral displacement of 6 feet during a seismic event.


VS-1 - Curtain Walling

VS-1 is a new type of curtain wall – a mullion only system where the glass is held away from the mullion so the glass wall visually ‘floats’

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