Winnersh Triangle Business Park

Winnersh Triangle Business Park receives sustainability makeover

Situated in the heart of the Thames Valley, the Winnersh Triangle business park provides business and industrial space for a diverse variety of enterprises. Spanning 85 acres and boasting an extensive range of facilities including a fitness suite, bistro and conference centre, the development is home to over 50 businesses, including Virgin Media, Bang & Olufsen, and Intel.


Recommended for the project following the success of their well-received installation at Hyde Park Hayes 5, Glassolutions was contracted to manufacture and install 3400m2 of curtain-wall façade for the Winnersh Triangle site.

A fully glazed façade with a contemporary appearance was commissioned for a new multi-occupancy office block at the site. Sustainability and efficiency are at the core of the Winnersh Triangle’s ethos, so it was imperative to factor this into the planning process: solar control glass was desired, and the client’s requirements for air tightness were particularly exacting.

Glassolutions’ extensive technical experience in curtain wall glazing and façade construction was welcomed on the project: it was able to create and implement a project plan which would improve on the initial approach. Working with Basingstoke-based construction contractors Wates and London based EPR Architects, work progressed swiftly and the installation was completed in November 2015.

A key to the success of this project was early engagement between Glassolutions and the design team. This ensured seamless onsite installation of the façade, with both parties having taken the time to develop the design in advance of the onsite work.

Products used

In order to adhere to Winnersh Triangle’s exacting sustainability specifications, Glassolutions employed a variety of different elements to maximise the efficiency of the building’s envelope. Schueco FW60+ and FW60+ SG curtain walling systems were installed: with a thermal rating of 1.5w/m2k, these were the ideal choice to aid internal climate control. 6mm COOL-LITE SKN174 panes were used for the outer glazing, paired with a 16mm argon warm edge spacer bar to reduce thermal bridging. The COOL-LITE panes have exceptional solar control properties, reducing glare, controlling heat transmission, and minimising the need for air conditioning inside the building.

While thermal efficiency was a key concern for the development, acoustic control was also part of the brief. The inner panes used were 10mm clear toughened heat-soak treated acoustic glass, installed by Glassolutions for their superior noise reduction properties (37 dB Rw).

Finally, a distinctive and complex brise soleil, designed by EPR Architects, was engineered and installed by Glassolutions to manage the solar gain of the facade, the loads of which were carried entirely by the curtain wall system.


The Winnersh Triangle glazing contract was completed in November 2015. The specifications outlined at the beginning of the project have been surpassed; in particular, the installation has recently achieved an Air Tightness Rating of 2.1m3/hr/m2, exceeding the very tight requirement of 3m3/hr/m2. This has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the contractors and architects involved. Wates project manager Darren Grinham described the project as an “excellent delivery”, adding that “[t]he air test results are very good, and one we should all be very proud of.”


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Cool-Lite SKN 174

Solar control glass, which blocks up to 59% of solar heat by reflecting it to the outside

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